Photography is so much more than just pressing a button. The greatest photographers spend their entire lives mastering and perfecting their craft. A Great photograph is one that makes a lasting impression on those who view it. When executed with great care, photography can evoke deep emotions and tell complex stories. The following is a list of some of the best and most influential photographers of all time. Their work is extraordinary and their discipline impeccable. In no particular order, I present to you some of the greatest photographers the world has ever known.

“It’s about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what’s around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy”

It is without a doubt that…

We encounter thousands of images every single day, so choosing the right one to hang on your wall is a very important decision. It’s a choice that you will live with for a very long time. So what is fine art photography? Fine art photography is more than just an image. It is the culmination of a vision, precise processing, quality materials and craftsmanship. The end result is a museum quality piece of art that will last a lifetime. In short, photography becomes fine art when a creative vision is carried out from start to finish.

Traditional photography that you…

What is a Neutral Density Filter?

A neutral density filter (ND filter) is simply a filter that’s cuts the amount of light that enters your camera’s lens. They are most commonly used in landscape photography when a photographer wants to create a longer exposures than what would normally be possible using just the camera’s internal settings. In this article you will learn how to use a neutral density filter and how to calculate long exposures.

Imagine that you want to crate a 30 second exposure in bright sunlight. Even with the camera set to ISO 100 with an aperture of f/22 the shutter speed will still…

You can’t make everything look good all of the time

I’ll start with the what seems like an obvious statement, yet many photographers get hung up when they come away from a shoot without a five star image. The fact of the matter is that you can’t make everything look good all of the time.

Lighting is everything in landscape photography. Understanding how light works in a photograph is one of the key factors that all great photographers must understand in order to achieve consistent results. That being said, sometimes the lighting will not be in your favor and lighting can make or break a shot. In the event of…

Ahhhhh, the holidays! The scent of pine, oven roasted turkey, and the endless quest for the perfect gift for the photographer on your shopping list. I will not judge you if the person on your list just so happens to be yourself. We all need to treat ourselves from time to time. To take some of the pain out of your efforts, I have compiled a list of holiday gift ideas for photographers. The list highlights a variety of gifts and gadgets that will have any photographer jumping for joy this holiday season.

GnarBox 2.0

The Gnarbox is the perfect gift for…

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a camera. I suggest asking yourself the following questions to start off with.

1. What is my budget? This question alone will greatly help to narrow the field for you.

2. What am I going to be using the camera for? Will you be shooting vacation and family photos, landscapes, sports and wildlife, portraits or all of the above? The answer to this question will help identify the attributes that you are looking for most in your camera.

If you just want to shoot photos of your family, a compact mirrorless camera with…

Go to locations that are off the radar.

With the internet and social media reaching full maturity, there is no shortage of beautiful photographs on-demand with the touch of a button. Humans are creatures of habit though. Intentional or not, many of the photos that you see online are just replicas of replicas. It’s hard to know who was the originator of any composition these days. Just like TV shows and strange diets, locations can become trendy.

As long as you’re traveling outside of the top photography destinations, you’ll have fewer crowds which will allow you more time to settle…

1. Sometimes you have to suffer.

Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but you often have to suffer to get the shot. This is perhaps one of the most important truths of landscape photography. 75 degrees and sunny blue skies doesn’t always translate to beautiful images. If you want to go home with an incredible shot, there’s a good chance that you will have to suffer. That might mean waking up at an ungodly hours of the morning, shooting in freezing temperatures, working in the rain, hiking long distances or a combination of the four. If you are not willing to suffer for your art…

Mike Wardynski

Professional landscape photographer and instructor with a passion for preserving mother earth.

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